Tuesday, January 6, 2009

November 2008

Now that we're in 2009, I can look at my plans for January (nil) and see that November is not so boring. Yes, last year I coined a slogan for November, "because November is boring."
Let's delve into what November brought to little Robin:
The weekend after Halloween was the first week in November. Therefore, I donned my costume 2 nights, for 2 parties. At one, there was a guy dressed as the Kool-Aid jug, which was pretty cool. They had a fake maggot at the party. Ew! At the second party, I learned that I dance better in a box than I do without one. I guess I'm a lot less self-conscious that way. It was a dance, dance weekend! As you can see, I was macaroni (and cheese, but my hat was missing in this pic)!
The next day, there was rumor of a giant pinata. You can see it here, above and below. It was in town for a Carnival cruise commercial. Many people stood in line to be in the near circle around it, and then it was supposed to be broken and contained tons of candy. Perhaps the organizers weren't prepared for Philly. The line was broken repeatedly, and then everyone rushed forward, despite commands not to do so. After a while, they just cancelled the breaking of it, and everyone went home. Boooooo!
Later in the month, I captured this gleaming Comcast Center.
Thanksgiving took me to Orlando to visit little Annie girl. In the airport, I found this nifty Lego Liberty Bell.
Thanksgiving Day, just like at home. Nah!
Annie's first bird. She was very proud. It was juicy! I made some tasty Mexican-style leftovers with this. While I was there, we relaxed a lot, slept a lot, went to the movies, cooked, and went to see the Orlando Magic with some friends. It was a very soothing trip, and I had no problem getting on the standby flights, unlike last year.
And here is Jax, to say goodbye!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

October 2008

October began with work, work, work, and ended with play, play, play. My annual trip to Frankfurt went well, as usual. I had appointments for 4 days straight, every half hour from 9 to 6:30. Lots of hard work, and some great dinners!

Upon my return, I fell easily into watching the debates and Phillies inch closer to the title. These pictures are all from the beautiful day of the celebration parade, October 30. I've never seen so many people, or seen such crowds behave so well.

The only concerns I had were that I couldn't find my friend, as planned, because transportation failed, and I couldn't call her, because phone services were overloaded. It was a scary thought, in case some emergency would be happening in our city. What would happen? I think I would hop on my bike and pedal for my life.
Here, you can see that fans were standing on anything they could to see the parade route. I couldn't get close enough to see anything, so I rode home and watched it on TV. It was a case of wrong place at the wrong time.

Here's me and some strange chicken character.

This kitten has become a cat. She sits still now!

Goodbye, October!

September 2008

As you can see by my (only) two photos from September, I didn't do very much on the social front. I collect fortunes, in case you didn't know. I found this one randomly, and took it to heart!

Lea and I and others had a failed attempt at a camping trip to Assateague Island, when a hurricane swooped into the Maryland area. We were forced to cancel and just have a party at Lea's house.

Rosie was spayed. The toughest part was keeping her confined to my room. Sometimes, kittens just don't understand.

I went to see the Mars Volta at the Electric Factory. I don't even know how to describe the band, except as experimental/jazz/rock/metal fusion. I think I made that up.

I won the Golden Monkey Award at work! This is an actual stuffed monkey with cymbals that bang together. (And a bonus wrapped up in his arms.) This award is equivalent to Employee of the Quarter, basically. It made me feel very appreciated. Ego-booster!

Lastly, here's a funny pic I took in South Philly. Fragile! Weird.

Ciao, September!